Kimberly Beauchemin RN Nursing Manager

Kimberly graduated from St. Vincent’s College Nursing Program in 1998.  She began her nursing career at Yale-New Haven Hospital immediately after graduation and left in 2006 to accept a position at Yale University as a Clinical Research Nurse.  As per Kimberly, "From early on I knew I wanted to go into the field of Psychiatry after a personal struggle with my mother’s mental illness.  I saw the amazing team that helped her and our whole family and it just seemed like the right fit.  As my position at Yale University led me to work with substance abuse patients, I realized that this population was underserved and that the system did not seem to support and adequately meet the needs of someone who truly desires to be sober.  My feeling was that there is so much more that patients need to learn in order to live their lives drug-free and I wanted to be a part of that.”   

 Kimberly has trained with some of the top names in Addiction Medicine at Yale School of Medicine and has incorporated Motivational Interviewing as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into her practice.  “I enjoy meeting my patients where they are and helping them to get to their most effective level of functioning.  I am inspired by and constantly in awe of the struggles my patient’s face and the dedication they have to their recovery.”