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integrity is key in how we provide care for patients, interact as a staff, and work as a team to improve outcomes for patients under our care. 

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Dr Straun and his staff are like none other. My transition to Straun Health and Wellness started at a difficult time, as with many. As I try to think of words to describe my experiences over the past 2 years with this office I reflect back on some of the worst times of my life. If you want to find your typical industry standard treatment center, this definately isn’t for you. If you want to find someone that will give you the skills and processes of living a better way of life Dr Straun and his team of exceptionally professional staff have an approach that works. I have experienced multiple consecutive years of genuinely better living as a result of them. If you are in a place any where near where I was when I was first in contact with doctor straun, he is well worth giving a fair chance. There approach is upfront and logical. I have witnessed first hand many success stories in this office.
— Mike
I have visited a plethora of psychiatrists over the years; I can honestly report that Dr. Straun’s practice has been the most beneficial of those I have visited. He believes in providing proper and appropriate medication, regular therapeutic sessions (both one-on-one and various, themed group environments), and the power of mind over body, all in equal parts.

I cannot say enough great things about this practice; one-on-one and group sessions have proved critical to my continued mental and physical growth, and he has helped me to understand myself and others better, allowing me to tailor my reactions and thoughts appropriately instead of reacting to situations solely based on the initial feelings felt.
— Rob
I’m 57 years old and have struggled my whole life with emotional issues and addiction. I’ve seen many mental health professionals and haven’t been very happy with their services until I met Dr. Straun. This man offers multiple services and truly understands how our minds work. He’s great with meds and has been instrumental in my sobriety. More than anything, he’s very responsive when things aren’t going well and makes himself available when you need him most. Today thanks to Dr. Straun and his team, I understand my emotions and my addiction better than I ever have which helps me maintain my sobriety and my overall health. You cannot go wrong with Straun Health.
— John
AWSOME Doctor!! He really took the time out to explain what was going on with my body ... my very first visit he made me feel very comfortable about taking the next step in my treatment... I was truly at the end of my rope and I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful educated doctor!!
— Nicole
Dr. Straun has a kind an amiable manner. He’s intelligent and a consummate physician. I trusted him immediately. While he’s candid about my health issues, he is never patronizing. I recommend him whole heartedly! He has a website that I suggest any potential patient visit. He offers several services, including acupuncture.
— Linda

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