Are you or a loved one HIV-positive 
and want help cutting down on your drinking?

Project DAWN

We are conducting a free and confidential study to examine the use of the medication and/or counseling on alcohol use.

Participants will receive up to $240 in gift cards.

Call (203) 314-3674 or leave contact information below.

       Yale University HIC #0909005730


About the study: This study is to examine how effective injectable naltrexone (Vivitrol) is at reducing heavy drinking in HIV-positive patients. They will receive injectable naltrexone or injectable placebo along with counseling for 24 weeks in an HIV clinic.

How to participate: Patients must be HIV positive and they will need to be heavy drinkers or meet criteria for alcohol abuse/dependence. They cannot be included in the study if their liver function tests are consistently greater than 5 times normal or are receiving opioids for pain treatment.

Counseling support: All patients will receive counseling support in an HIV clinicDuring the counseling sessions, the study staff will talk with them about reducing their drinking and how to optimize their medication adherence.

Naltrexone: is a medication that has been approved for doctors to use in their offices for the treatment of patients who are problem drinkers. Naltrexone blocks the opiate receptors in the brain that make drinking pleasurable. In this study patients will receive counseling and either injectable Naltrexone (Vivitrol) or injectable placebo on a monthly basis.


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