Dr. Teo-Carlo Straun's professional passion rests in connecting with patients and communities to maximize individuals’ mental health and wellness.  Dr. Straun firmly believes that the promotion of mental health and the integration of physical and mental wellness are important factors in determining one’s quality of life.  His primary modes of service include psychiatric evaluation, a complementary style of psychotherapy, medical management of individuals suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders.  

As an experienced Board Certified Psychiatrist and graduate of Yale School of Medicine specializing in Addiction Psychiatry, he is currently serving a broad spectrum of patients in numerous capacities.  Among his areas of expertise are 12-Step facilitation, motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, auricular acupuncture and other holistic models of recovery.

Dr. Straun is a dedicated medical professional with a wide-ranging skillset suitable for individuals seeking anything from general care to state-of-the-art, evidence based treatment.  Focused on patient-centered service, Dr. Straun is committed to providing individualized, comprehensive treatment plans that address physical, mental and spiritual needs.  He believes that the optimal way to provide excellent care is by meeting patients where they are; and through focused treatment and attention empowering them to find hope and experience joy.  Dr. Straun provides services and maintains private practices in East Berlin, CT and Worcester, MA.