Dr. Straun and SHAW subscribe to the belief that treatment and service must go beyond the personal and reach neighborhoods and communities in order to make deeper, more impactful change. SHAW’s larger vision is to decrease health care disparities amongst vulnerable populations through education, quality medical care, community involvement and advocacy.
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The Mission of the Barbershop Health Network is to:
  • Educate: men in order to increase health literacy
  • Screen: men for treatable and preventable physical/mental illnesses
  • Refer: men to culturally competent health care providers
  • Access: to affordable quality healthcare services
The overall goal of the Barbershop Health Network (BHN) initiative is to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities in men of color.  Black and Latino-owned barbershops are a cultural institution that provides an environment of trust, an avenue to disseminate health education information and provide services.  The BHN was established in 2010 and has proven to be an effective way to reach men of color where they are.

In addition to regular outreach at participating barbershops, BHN also engages in various community events and has been featured in the media.